Have you recently run across a trend in interior design that you would love to use in your home, but you are just not sure how to incorporate the look? Did you start a home or office interior design project only to run out of steam and are now unsure of how to pull your project back together? You want your home to be welcoming and modern, yet bold and memorable; and you want to be able to complete it on your timeline with the online assistance of a professional interior designer. If this sounds like what you are looking for... then welcome to Panache Design.


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Let's Begin

To start our collaborative eDesign process, please select the eDesign package that fits your project needs on the website and contact me so that I can get you on my design calendar and set up your payment. If you are unsure which package best fits your needs, contact me to discuss and I can recommend the best choice based on your design description or put together a custom eDesign package for you.

Consultation Time

After you purchase your selected Design package, I will contact you via email (or we can set up an online consultation time) to discuss your room project, review your design concept, and go over what your design needs and goals are. If you have purchased a floor plan with your eDesign package, I will need your room measurements including doorways and windows. If you have any items you would like to keep in the design, I will need to have photos of those items to include in your design board. Using that information, I will then begin working on your initial concept boards.

Design Time

After our consultation, I will begin selecting your furniture pieces and/or home decor, paint colors, or creating your furniture plan per the eDesign package you selected. For example, your design boards and shopping lists (deliverables) are completed in the timeframe indicated in each eDesign package description. Depending on the details in the eDesign package you select, some eDesign packages take 1-3 business days to complete; other eDesign packages take 1-2 weeks to complete. Your eDesign deliverables due date will be confirmed with you during our consultation so that you know when to look for your eDesign email with your boards and shopping list.

Your eDesign Package Arrives

On your design due date, you will receive the design deliverables for your eDesign package via email. Design boards, floor plans, furniture, home decor selections, and the shopping list to everything you see in it will be delivered directly to your inbox for you to review and start making the purchases to complete your room! (Please see your eDesign package details for information on revisions and post design support so that we can start that process if it is included.) Once you have arranged your space, please send after pictures. I love seeing my clients' transformed rooms!

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