Gorgeous Flush Mount Lighting Fixtures!


Gorgeous flush mount lighting fixtures from Pottery Barn! Flush mount lighting is one of the most popular lighting options, as they are lighting fixtures that have a flat base that sits flush against the ceiling – allowing these lighting fixtures to be used in a variety of rooms in throughout the home, including rooms with low ceilings. All flush mount lighting fixtures are similar in that they all feature a smooth base; however they are all unique in the materials used to create them and that they vary greatly in colors and style.  These features enable flush mount lighting fixtures to be used for any room in your home – from traditional rooms to modern rooms to farmhouse rooms. No matter the space, there is a flush mount lighting fixture that is perfect for it! Here are some that I am currently using for a client project…..tell me what you think of them! See one you like? The links can be found below.

1)   Duvall Recycled Glass Flush Mount – This minimalist glass flush mount is crafted of a lean, bronze-finished iron frame for a look that’s sleek and streamlined.https://rstyle.me/+-_s8YL5pX8kBhEOKKBkEZw

2)   McCarthy Glass Flush Mount – This classic glass flush mount piece has an airy feel and would be perfect for smaller rooms such as a bathroom or entryway. https://rstyle.me/+UAAOquUWct4sJCI3dAriUA

3)   Camryn Glass Globe Flush Mount – this midcentury inspired flush mount glass orb consists of two toned metals and blown glass. https://rstyle.me/+3wFV5degGwTamDY7GbIJQg

4)   Glass Globe Flush Mount – An elegant and timeless flush mount lighting piece that would be perfect in a kitchen or over a dining room table. https://rstyle.me/+5MDPubCb_nC4kiWGoTK1tQ

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