Home Organization and Storage Solutions for Better Interior Design


Home organization is a breeze! Well….ok – I will admit it…..even as an interior designer….there are times when trying to organize my home or office leaves me wanting to just toss everything I own away! I know it’s not rational…..I know it’s not practical…..but it typically ends up being the end result of starting a home organization project and not realizing exactly how much stuff I have…..until all of it is spilled out all over the entire room. I love Marie Kondo, and while I agree that most things in your home should Spark Joy, the reality is that there are some things you need that will not; but they still serve a purpose and you still need them. You just need to corral them into a place or space that takes up the least amount of cubic square feet of space as possible. Earlier this month, I started I started my home organization project, room by room, and over the next few days – I’ll share the products that worked the best for me. I started a bit out of order and started with my bathroom organization first. These are a few of the items that worked best for me.

Bathroom Home Organization Items

Get Organized with these Awesome Bathroom Home Organization Items!  Have a specific home organization dilemma?  Contact me!

All of the above items can be found below. Click the photo to view or purchase the items from the respective vendor!

Keep all of the under the sink items contained in mesh drawers……

Contain all of your heated flat irons and blow dryers in one place – and even better – make it heat resistant so that you can safely leave them while they are cooling down….

Have a narrow space or a small space?  Don’t waste the space!  Use the vertical space to store items…..

These truly come in handy when organizing inside drawers and can be used to contain anything…..

Sometimes makeup can’t go in a drawer – so if it has to be displayed – make sure the display case is gorgeous!

Same applies to brushes……

And just because I have a thing for great smelling candles while I work……

Once everything is contained to your satisfaction, you can move on to decorating or you can move on to organizing the next room…… I went on to my kitchen next….. More on that in a few days.


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